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Every Thursday there is a ride starting from Casa Blas - Pago de Humo at 10:00am

This ride is more social and a shorter distance than the Sunday ride and is intended to give anybody interested in joining us a taster to see if they would like to join us regularly.

Please don't be put off if you have looked at our past rides and think you would never manage anything like the distances we cover on Sundays.
We welcome new members and will adjust the ride to suit to your abilities both in speed and distance. Hope to see you soon.
 Sunday Ride
Sun 5th May
Meet at Casa Blas at 10:00am on Sunday 5th May 

Destination:- Conil

Route:- To Conil with our usual routes through woods ,tracks and side roads for coffee and toast also ice-cream and liqueur coffee available at the establishment we will stop at.

The way back a few tweaks to the route that we followed on the way to Conil, we then cycle to a Venta of our choice for further refreshments


12th Anniversary Sunday Ride

Meet at:- Casa Blas at 09:30am on Tuesday 2nd August
Route:- On or off road to the base of Medina Sidonia for our first stop at Maison rustic Machin. Next we take the unadopted road opposite the Venta to the A408 to San Jose del Pedrosa and Venta Pedrosa. After leaving the venta we  take the road towards Puerto Real turning onto the track through the woods to La Chacone picking up the Marquesado road then passing through the village we stop at Venta Curro for a possible stop for light lunch or tapas at very reasonable prices .
After this stop we can  find the best way back for each individual cyclist to their Casa.


Bridges to link ther Marismas to San Fernando nearly Finished

Sunday 18th October - 10th Anniversary ride

The 10th anniversary ride will be at la Via Verde de la Sierra on Sunday 18th October 2020.
Proposed meeting place, Casa Blas 8:00 am for a 10:00 am start at Puerto Serrano.
Travelling time to Puerto Serrano will be around one hour 30 minutes.

more information to follow re:- Transport, coffee stop and lunch stop

Check the
Via Verde de la Sierra Click here

Numbers required as soon as possible.

Ride on

Sunday 20th October - 9th Anniversary Bash

Venue:- Los Tres Carriles - La Muela

Please check the menus below we need to let the Venta know the numbers attending and choices of menu as soon as possible. Post on Whatsapp or Email with your preferences ASAP

Its full moon on the night of 19th/20th Jan if anybody fancies an night ride

One of our members spotted this flower design recently

Teign Valley Pedal Bashers Spanish/Moroccan Tour 2018

Some of Barrie's mates from his old cycling club above are coming over from Devon for a 7 day tour round here and including spending 2 days in Morocco.
Anybody wishing to enjoy a ride with them on any of the days in Spain please contact Barrie for further details.


Day 1 Sunday 8th April 2018
Flight to Malaga from Exeter FlyBe BE4311 12.15 arrive 15.50 transport to Los Barrios. overnight stay at Hotel Montera Plaza, bikes will be delivered.
Day 2 Monday 9th April 2018
Cycle to Benalup Casas Viejas Hotel Cortiijo Las Grulas  - 57.5km
Day 3 Tuesday 10th April 2018
Cycle to Vejer de la Frontera, Hostal La Posada, Los Remedios 21 - 35km
Day 4 Wednesday 11th April 2018
Cycle to Tariffa (port to Morocco)Hotel El Levante  - 40km
Day 5 Thursday 12th April 2018
Catch Hydrofoil to Tangier approx 1.5 hours 9 am. ferry board and cycle to Asilah Hotel Zelis - 55km
Day 6 Friday 13th April 2018
Asilah to Tangier to catch ferry to Tariffa (Spain) 1800 hrs Hostal Gravina - 55km
Day 7 Saturday14th April 2018
Cycle to Los Barios Hotel Montera Plaza return bikes. return by minibus to Malaga for flight FlyBe BE4312 16.30 -arrive 18.05

Sand 'crop circle' being greated in the Beach at Conil, a lot of work for a few hours before the tide washes it away again!!

Check this out for a bike grave yard - Click here for more Info

7th Anniversary Ride - Medina Sidonia
To celebrate the PPP's 7th anniversary we decided to ride to La Vista restaurant at the top of Medina Sidonia for a breakfast/lunch. Starting from Casa Blas as usual and up the Pago road to meet other riders who were waiting for us at Venta La Raya. Our route then was to continue past the motorway junction and follow the road for 15km to Los Naveros. After leaving Los Naveros we headed along the road towards Medina eventually passing the microlight aerodrome and up to the main road. A quick right then left and past Venta Duchesa on our way to Medina. By this time and looking at the hill in front of us some of us were wishing we had decided to go to Venta Duchesa for our celebratory meal!! After plodding on up the hill which is quite a climb right up to near the top we finally reached the La Vista restaurant. A lovely full english breakfast was laid on for us and we all agreed they had done us proud. by the time we had finished we didnt feel much like riding but at least it was down hill from there for a while. Getting to the bottom of Medina via the ring road we retraced our steps back To the Venta Los Naveros for drinks. The final push back to Venta La Raya was tiring but we all agreed it had been a tremendous way of celebrating our 7th birthday. - Click to View photo's

***STOP PRESS*** Chiclana tram has escaped into the wild and was spotted at the Tres Camino's useless station today!!

6th Anniversary Ride - La Via Verde - Puerto Serrano to Olvera
Special 6th Anniversary ride to La Via Verde de la Sierra - One of most beautiful Via Verdes in Spain. It was voted as the best Greenway in Europe in 2009 - Click here for more info
We with El Presidente have just celebrated our sixth birthday with a ride at La Via Verde. El Presidente and Donal chose to ride half of the ride starting at Olvera, as it turned out that was a good decision on their part as the full ride started at Puerto Serrano with strong headwinds, the outward ride is the hilliest and with strong headwinds put us to the test; sporting our new team kit nothing would stop us from having a great day. When we arrived at Olvera we met up with El Presidente, Donal and their spouses as the Ventas at the finish were closed we made the steep hike to the square in Olvera, the girls had sourced a lovely Venta for lunch, after a great lunch of a variety of tapas, liquid refreshment and photos we set off again with a tail wind and more downhill on the way back we made record time. The girls were there to great us with big smiles and congratulations on our achievement. Some of us returned home and others stayed in the lovely hotel at the start of the ride in Puerto Serrano. - Click to view Photo's

"This is the Life"
¡Este es la vida!

Fancy a Bamboo Bike - Click Here

5th Birthday Bash - away Weekend

The birthday ride will be the Via Verde - Olvera 17th to the 18th September several options of distance (to be arranged)

Casa Rural Asiento del Rio Pruna 6 km on from Olvera, 4 twin rooms 4 double rooms sleeps 16
9 confirmed booked riders and partners.

The idea is to have a bbq on the evening of the 17th.
Breakfast on the morning of the 18th there is also a friday market in Pruna. We will be self catering so we have to arrange food stuffs ( cool boxes)beers or the drink of your choice). Transport to be arranged, cost 16 euros per head room only approx
If you would like to join us for the birthday ride/social, Please let Barrie know asap to reserve your place or any other info you might require

Ride London
On Saturday 1st August  one of our members who was over in the UK took part in Ride London, an event where the roads round central London are closed off and thousands of cyclists on all types of bikes cycle round  and past a lot of the famous landmarks in London. It is a family friendly event with bands and buskers along the route.
Click for Photo's

Novelty Bikes

This ride is probably too extreme even for Richard! - Click Here

PPP on Chiclana TV? - A couple of weeks ago we came across a protest about the bridge on the path just outside Marquesado. We were asked to join in the protest. A camera crew were there filming and interviewing the protesters and eventually they closed the road for a few minutes to make their point.  Click here for Photo  (Unfortunately we are not in this picture as we took it as we left the protest!)

Perhaps this guy might be a bit extreme for the PPP -  Click Here

Fancy a new bike? - Click Here

This may just keep us cycling into in our eighties - Click Here

The end of punctures? -  Click Here

Have you got one of these (Clue - Di you won't have!) - Click Here

Hope this guy keeps away from Pago - Click Here

Time to get the shaver out:-  Click Here 

Click Here to see our newest member in action!!

El Presidente's Article for Baywatch Magazine

Just three years ago in September 2010, a small advert appeared in the local internet magazine and, if I remember correctly, in the pages of Baywatch.  The advert was inviting anyone interested to join in forming a cycling group to start from Casa Blas on a Sunday morning at 10am.  I was a little intrigued as many years ago I enjoyed cycling in the New Forest area in England and also the Normandy area of France.

I had brought my trusty old bike with me when I moved to Spain some six years earlier, but since then it had languished fairly unloved in the back of the shed, albeit furnishing a home for numerous spiders and a rather large Gecko living under the saddle.

Perhaps it was a bit late in life for both of us.  The bike was nearly 30 years old and regrettably I was, let’s say, north of seventy.  Anyway, on the appointed day I decided to go and see what was happening.  I consoled myself with the thought that if I cycled around the corner and was confronted with lycra clad athletes I could always pretend I was heading for the shop and then scuttle back home.

I found a friendly looking couple at the venue, Barry and Diane Cale, no obvious lycra in sight.  They seemed pleased to see me and proceeded to steer me on a pleasant and not too taxing ride around El Colorado and back via Venta Raya to a welcome and sociable drink at Casa Blas.

And so the Pago Pedal Pushers were born and I had the luck to be the first member.   Since then the PPP has developed into a friendly and enjoyable cycling club with ages ranging from the low teens to seventy plus.

Gradually the scope and variety of our rides has increased with many of our members enjoying off road cycling as well as on road.  In fact all types and capabilities are catered for.  After one year we had grown in numbers and capabilities and we celebrated our first birthday with a memorable 70 km ride along the Via Verde path.  The Via Verde is an old railway track that was never opened as such, and was subsequently developed for cyclist, walkers and horse riders.  The scenery was stunning and the lunch at the top of the ride at Olvera was enjoyed by everyone.  Thank goodness for the downhill trip on the way back. 

Another memorable ride for me, was around Cadiz during Carnival week.  Because we were all similarly dressed in yellow shirts and black shorts it was assumed we were one of the competing bands of revellers at the fiesta and we were thus royally entertained.  I think the ride back was slightly hazy after this, but we all enjoyed it.

Since then we have seen so many interesting places.  The tracks and back roads around this lovely area have so many wonderful vistas and unknown spots.  It all seems better when viewed from the saddle of a bike at the pace we travel.

I hope some of you out there would like to give us a try.  You will always be welcome and we tailor our rides to the numbers and capabilities of those present.  There is always a mid-ride halt for coffee at a Venta, and also a post ride sociable gathering for a well-deserved refreshment afterwards.  Our main days are Thursdays and Sundays, although other days are often arranged.  Have a look at our website and also find us on Facebook.  You can also contact Barry Cale at For more information.

Come on, you know you want to be part of a friendly, sociable group and you will even be doing yourself some good with healthy exercise. 

See you in the saddle.

Brian Gover

GPS files added to Past Rides

Info from Richard - Fellow Bikers
I am considering a ride in Morocco November / December 2013.
My available weeks are 16/17 Nov - 7/8 Dec and the preferred route would be a loop from Marrakech over the High Atlas, taking in Taroudant, Tafraoute, Tiznit, Agadir then back to Marrakech by bus. Ryan Air seem to be doing pretty cheap flights from Sevilla to Marrakech though taking a bike would hike up the price. I'm sure it would be possible to rent bikes in Marrakech and possibly a guide if enough people are interested, this can be researched later. Weather should be warm so minimum baggage and costs in Morocco are low.
Tad you've done one ride so the second will be easier.

This new Pago Pedal Pushers Website went live

PPP started using Teamer app on a trial basis to arrange meetings.

Tour of Britain Starts - Check it out on ITV4

PPP stopped using Facebook to arrange meetings.

Now the weather has cooled a little, both Thursday and Sunday Rides now start at 10.00am.

Spanish Vuelta cycle race is in our area today, details available if required.



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